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We asked Elizabeth Chesters, a UX Consultant, for her favourite UX resources. She shares her top picks:

UX Tools:

Axure - because I like how they’re wireframes but you can add your own branding as the next stage. Plus the breakpoints allow you to mock up every screen you need and see how it behaves whilst resizing

Sticky notes! - It’s interactive, collaborative, it’s purposefully not set in stone and it gets you out of your chair when you put them all over walls.

UX Books

Don’t make me think (by Steven Krug) - It’s a bible of UX because not only is it fundamental to designs, it’s actually enjoyable to read. So you actually read it!

The Man Who Lied to His Laptop (by Clifford Nass) - Favourite book of all time. It goes through the psychology of how people interact with computers, what they expect from them, how they can be manipulated and is the foundation for any experience between a human and a piece of technology.

Practical Empathy (by Indi Young) - Great book for understanding your role as a UX-er, designer or researcher. It gives you insights as to how to connect with users and how to dig for the insights will give you the most from your research. Like just understanding why someone does something on an emotional level can lead to a more persuasive design.

UX Miscellaneous

Science Museum - it’s great for people watching and being inspired by people in a science environment. Especially the robotics section. Watching fully grown adults dance with a robot and a child expect the robot to break script and start a conversation was fascinating.

Twitter chats - UX Chat and UX Discuss are great for debates and when I’m seeking challenges on my way of thinking.

Travelling - there’s nothing like being challenged than taking you out of your comfort zone and waddling into a whole new set of rules, customs and normality.

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